Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shows and sketches

Grantham Field
5.5x5.5 Caran D'Ache on paper

Rocks and Eastman Pond
5.5x5.5 Caran D'Ache on paper

Grantham Sunset 1
5.5x8 Caran D'Ache on paper

I'm dog-sitting for the weekend for my daughter and son-in-law's Great Dane named Oliver.  My dog Cally and I "herd" Ollie on a walk by the lake near my daughter's house.  It's a lovely place and I've taken to sketching some scenes from photos I snap while we walk on the round the lake trail, hitting roots and rocks and ups and downs but some mighty beautiful scenes.   Here are 3 sketches done with Caran D'Ache and water.
The group, NewHAT, that I painted with this summer has a show in Hopkinton at the Art Center and it's up until November 18th.   Here's the postcard:

I'm now sharing studio space at the Vernon St. Studios in Somerville, MA.  It's very exciting to have a large well-lit space to work in--just have to stop taking these dog-sitting gigs!   And they are having open studios Dec 6&7 12-6 so my studio-mate and friend Martha Slocum will be there and would love to have visitors. We're at building 6 studio #44.  I'll have some new prints and some older paintings and prints.  Here's the postcard for that as well as for the Somerville Museum show which I have a print in.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Painting in New Hampshire and Concord juried show

I was very excited to hear that my print,  Harris Cove , May 5th entry,  has been accepted into the 15th Annual Roddy Open Competition!  The show is Sept. 9th to October 17th and the opening reception is Thursday Sept. 11 from 6-8.  I'm eager to see the show as I got a peek at some of the other entries when I dropped mine off.  Please come join us if you can!

In other news I painted again for 6 days in Jaffrey, New Hampshire with an awesome group of artists.  I was fascinated with the scene right out the front door--dirt roads winding through beautiful bright green fields, past a stand of dark trees and a stone wall. My goal was to work with the same image but vary the expressions of it.  Here are 3 of my 10 works:

Roads In and Out
8x10 on Arches oil paper

A Sweep of Grass
14x18 acrylic on canvas

More Roads
8.5x11.5 on Arches oil paper

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Painting in Bennington, Vermont

Oh it was a wonderful week. Immersed in green, 3 students and myself painted the landscape of Bennington College under the tutelage of Frank Meuschke, awesome Brooklyn landscape painter and teacher.  It was the second week of Art New England's summer program through MassArt.  The weather was great, we painted all day, ate very well, attended lectures and slide shows by the faculty in the evening and mostly did our homework reading which was on the meaning of landscape in the contemporary art world.  I hadn't painted outdoors in almost a year and I had forgotten how many factors are involved with the process, but I had fun, mainly resorted to my old tricks but also and tried to pay attention to why I was painting.  I'll admit it's the process foremost for now, though the collage assignment pushed us in a new direction which I found interesting and fun and the readings were very interesting and thought provoking.  Neat to see what my classmates came up with too.  Thanks Frank, for all your help and support.  And special thanks to Melissa for personally delivering a cup of freshly brewed coffee to me every morning  It was an unbelievably sweet thing to do and to which I attribute my meager successes!

Day 1.  Painting near the mansion where the chamber musicians practiced.  Looking across a huge expanse of grass at low buildings and mountains.  "How about eliminating the sky?" said Frank. Done.

Mountains and More
11x14 oil on canvas

Day 2.  Decided I loved this willow near the pond.  Spent most of the day frustrated with the process of finding the right values, colors and composition to do justice to the poor tree.  Melissa was using charcoal so I borrowed a piece and went at it, adding in lines and darkening the values..lots of fun.

Willow Near the Pond
12x16 oil and charcoal on canvas

Day 3.  Determined to portray this willow I drew the composition in charcoal and then painted it, using the charcoal to enhance the values and leave some drawing elements.  

Weeping Willow
10x10 charcoal and oil on board

Day 3 afternoon assignment.  We had been told to bring images, commercial or photos, that we would use to create a landscape.  I found some interesting ones courtesy of magazines from a friend Martha and used them to come up with this unintentionally wacky landscape.  Frank even asked if this was my therapy session!  Maybe :)  The woman is either running from the green monster, or sad she only has half a house or.... 
The assignment then was to paint a picture of the collage. Here's the painting.  I was encouraged to do more of these.

Going, going...
11x14 acrylic on canvas

Day 4.  BJ, a fellow student invited me to paint near her in the field where there was newly baled hay.  A beautiful scene--we were at the top of a hill in a large field that had just been hayed.  Thanks, BJ.

Hay Bales
10x10 oil on board

Day 4 continued.  I returned to the studio with enough time to complete this painting at the suggestion of the teacher.  The light was dramatic and the roof lines/angles were a fun challenge.  All the building in this grouping had different color doors, hence the red door.  

The Red Door
12x12 oil on canvas

Day 5.  Compelled to paint the big view of the "quad" I taped 3 10x10 canvases onto another long canvas and spent the morning looking at this incredible view.  As almost always happens, the first go at the painting captured the scene and I should have stopped there.  As time progressed it got hazier, the values diminished and I finished up.  I'm not displeased with the results but glad I to a pic of the half-done image as a reminder of that fresh start that's so thrilling.  One should follow the advice of the teacher, "You should paint this as if your only have an hour left."  Next time :)


The View
Tryptic-10x30 oil on canvas

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enjoying the light

Enjoying the Light
8x12 watercolor on paper 

The Path I
12x14 acrylic monoprint on paper

The Path II
12x14 acrylic monoprint on paper

Yesterday I decided to enter the calendar contest for the Concord Art Association and snapped some photos in Concord.  The theme is Light and Space and this scene grabbed me.  The two gentlemen were conversing and were just the thing to give this painting a sense of scale and lightness.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
I'd been struggling with feeling a little lost art-wise and then remembered my favorite spot at Magnolia Park where you can see the phragmites illuminated by the sun through the trees.  It was fun to let loose with the palate knife on a Gelli plate.  Not sure which I like better so I posted both.  Any thoughts?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

two landscapes

Ipswich I
12x16 acrylic on paper

Watercolor study, 4x4, for Spring Hills in Grantham

Spring Hills in Grantham I
16x16 oil on canvas

I had a great time painting with other local artists at Charlie Shurcliff's house in Ipswich.  What a gorgeous day and views.  It didn't hurt that we had a lovely pot luck afterwards.  Thank you, Charlie!
Also I was captivated by the new greens emerging in Grantham, New Hampshire and took some photos last weekend while visiting my daughter and her husband.  I don't think this painting is finished and I have two more views in mind for paintings so better get busy!  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Finally it's spring!

Island View I
14x12 monoprint; acrylic on paper

Island Vew II
14x12  monoprint; acrylic on paper

Harris Cove
14x12 monoprint; acrylic on paper

Harris Cove II
14x12 monoprint; acrylic on paper

I've been busy getting my prints and paintings ready for 3 local shows-very exciting!  Work our class members did in Greece is at the Old Schwamb Mill in Arlington,  work by members of my class with Adria Arch is at the North Hill Gallery in Wellesley, and I have a solo show in the entryway of a condominium building in Somerville.  Also the painting I donated to the Concord Art Association's fundraiser, Paint the Town, Revisited, sold so I was glad to be able to support the organization.  It was lots of work getting my work framed and ready but the shows look wonderful and it's great to be a part of these groups of talented artists and to have a solo show.  I will have another solo show of about 20 paintings at Newbury Court, a retirement community in Concord from July 10-September 10, and the Spy Pond series  will be at Arlington Town Hall in January.

Meanwhile I'm still painting and printmaking.  Here are the latest prints I did while in New Hampshire. I worked on two at once and though they are similar subjects my goal was to complete each individually after the initial print was made.  Both scenes are in Eastport, Maine.

Can't resist posting a picture of the purple trillium I spotted on a walk near Eastman Lake where I spent 4 days last week.  There's just a hint of spring in the reddish hue of the maple trees and I was thrilled to find this little gem!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day

The northeast is getting it's share of snow today and I'm loving it!  Good chance to post some paintings I've been working on in hopes of having them a part of a group show this spring with fellow students of Adria Arch.  Two are images I've painted before but am trying them out in a square 16x16 format in oil. By the way Adria just got back from a residency in India and has posted some wonderful pics on her blog.
It's a good thing it'll snow hard all day or I wouldn't get anything done-skis are calling loudly!

Bobbi's Backyard
16x16 oil on canvas

16x16 oil on canvas

Eastport Inlet
16x16 oil on canvas

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year to all!  I always like the even-numbered years, though 2013 was pretty great.  I finished up the Spy Pond series and am planning to have it shown in Arlington this spring or summer.  Meanwhile my interest in monoprinting is renewed, and also I have had fun just playing with paint--high flow Golden acrylic paint on paper.  Here are a few examples:


Acrylic on paper 11x9

Acrylic on paper 11x6



                                               Monoprint acrylic on paper  11.5x9

Monoprint acrylic on paper 12x14