Friday, February 3, 2012

revisiting paintings

Tidal Rocks
12x12 oil on board

I decided to revisit this painting which was done as a small 6x8 sketch on the coast in Falmouth Maine this fall.  This larger version is 12x12 to conform to the regulations of the small works salon in Cambridge that I submitted it to. I had fun resizing and redoing the composition though I think a rectangular format works better for a landscape in general.  Keep your fingers crossed for me-I'll find out  on the 17th.

Tide's Out
14x18 oil on canvas

This is a painting of the rocks along the shore at Bois Bubert island off the Maine coast that was painted a few years ago.  It's been a favorite of mine and was a joy to paint and frame.  It was just accepted in a show "Seaward: Life and Work Along New England's Coast," at nourish, a restaurant in Lexington, MA.  The show ends May 31.  I'm very excited and hope to connect with other area artists-especially over the wonderful appetizers at the reception Tuesday!