Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two new paintings

Rocks and Shore
acrylic on paperboard

On My Walk
oil on masonite

I realized I've been neglecting to post on this blog so thought I'd catch up with two new paintings.  The lower was started outdoors last summer and tucked away after I started the Spy Pond project.  It's a scene I pass almost every day and just love the lighting, which tends to be the same late morning, but the color changes with the seasons.  I painted this scene in the fall and hope to this winter also.  
It's been quite a week in Boston and I'm hoping all that were injured can heal and that we can spread a peaceful message.  Go Red Sox!  My goal is to see them this summer.  I also hope to shift to plein air painting again soon and will post more.  Also check out my other blog,, which I usually update weekly.