Monday, September 19, 2011

freeport and north truro

10x10 oil on canvas--Fog Lifting

8x10 oil on masonite--Bobbi's Point

6x8 watercolor studies--views from the deck North Truro

Here are two more paintings from Liz Wiltzen's workshop in Freeport.  I worked on both to bring them up from sketches to more finished paintings.  Also I painted in watercolor during my week at the cottage in North Truro.  Patti and I had glorious weather and were enjoying biking and the beach.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Matisse's answer

When Matisse was asked in a 1942 radio interview why he painted, he said:
"Why, to translate my emotions, my feelings, and the reactions of my sensibility into color and design, which neither the most perfect camera, even in color, nor the cinema can do. 

why paint?

Bridge and lily pads on the Charles River in Watertown, MA. Oil on masonite  8x10 inches

This is the second painting I did with the Meet-up group. It was a lovely day by the Charles river in Watertown and most of us were inspired to paint the bridge.  For me it allowed me to study and paint the water, which can be difficult at times.  My goal that day was to follow the process of first sketching the subject, then blocking in with a thin color wash, then finishing with thicker paint.  I think it's mostly successful as a representational piece but next time I'll do the 25 stroke challenge to lessen the fussiness and capture "why paint?"

It's akin to writing fiction: based on memories that are gathered by all of our senses and then expressed in a way that we convey a certain message to others, or just for ourselves.  Or our dogs..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Workshops and paintings

I recently had the opportunity to participate in two plein air landscape painting workshops, both led by awesome teachers.  Of course my fellow students were a constant source of learning and support!  The first was at Bennington College and run by MassArt.   It was a week long residential setting and allowed me to get my bearings with plein air oil painting.  We had a lot of fun and worked very hard in the sun and heat, and a little rain.  The second was a weekend with Liz Wiltzen in Freeport, Maine, my old stomping grounds.  Again a great group of students and teacher.  The lessons from each of these were similar:  squint, do a value study,  focus on blocking in shapes, the sky is always the lightest, and be prepared to share some wine at the end of the day! Thanks to Liz Wiltzen-instructor in Freeport, and Christopher Chippendale from MassArt. Also thanks to Bobbi Heath who helped me get into the workshop late, saved me from a night in my tent in a thunderstorm, and shared breakfast at 6am at Becky's Diner in Portland.
Also I've joined a plein air painting group: Boston Area Plein Air Painting Group through meets weekly and members paint in a variety of media, making it a rich experience.
I'll be posting more often now that I'm in the painting groove!

                                                              Bennington paintings:

10x10 oil on canvas
Mist and Mountains

11x14 oil on canvas
From the Studios

20x20 oil on canvas
High Notes

16x20 in. oil on canvas
The Park McCollough Mansion

Freeport paintings:

6x8 in value study in oil on raymar canvas board

8x10 in oil on masonite
one hour painting

5x7 oil on masonite
15 minute painting of the same site

6x8 in oil on canvas
25 strokes after color block-in